Hike for Haiti

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What is Hike for Haiti?

Hike for Haiti is an annual challenge that the nonprofit Hope For Haiti runs each year during the month of April. In the rural community of Marre à Coiffe, Haiti, students and families climb the equivalent of 200 flights of stairs every day from the bottom of a mountain to access clean water, healthcare, and an education. In the Hike for Haiti fundraiser, we are challenging YOU to virtually hike Marre à Coiffe in solidarity.


When is Hike for Haiti happening? APRIL 8th - APRIL 30th!


Where does the money go?

All the money that Project Haiti Weston raises goes directly to Laporte Primary School in Haiti. Project Haiti funds education and health care programs and improvements, and the money from Hike for Haiti will go towards mobile clinics and teacher training.


How do I participate?

You have many different options for how you can participate in Hike for Haiti:

  1. Join Project Haiti’s team and complete The Challenge

  2. Donate to team Project Haiti

  3. Donate to one of team Project Haiti’s members who will be completing the challenge themselves


The Challenge: Walk, run, or climb the equivalent of 200 flights of stairs, 20,000 steps, or 10.5 miles! There are many different ways to participate in the challenge and have fun while adhering to social distancing regulations. You can even track your progress this year through Strava. Join the Hike for Haiti Strava group!


Prizes: By participating in Hike for Haiti, you will have the opportunity to win amazing prizes by completing fitness, social media and fundraising challenges. Stay tuned for more updates about prizes from Project Haiti.


How do I join Project Haiti’s team to participate in the challenge myself?

If you want to participate in the challenge yourself and raise money while doing so follow these steps.

  1. Go to Project Haiti’s team page HERE!

  2. Click Join Team

  3. Next, you have the choice of picking one of two registration options:

    1. Individual Virtual Climb Registration: for this option, you have to pay $30 for registering to take the climb (all money goes to Laporte Primary School). After you register you will be able to create a personalized fundraising page where your family and friends can donate and support you in taking on the challenge. (Registration cost is 100% tax-deductible)

    2. Individual Virtual Climb Registration - $30 Fundraising Requirement: this option is similar to the one above, but you are committing to fundraising at least $30 by the end of the challenge (April 30th). For this option, you do not pay any money upfront, but if you do not raise the $30, then at the end of the challenge you pay the remaining amount.

  4. After you have picked a registration option, you are able to make your own fundraising page that you can customize and send out to people to ask them for donations. You will also be sent a Hike for Haiti Toolkit by Hope for Haiti that has more information and advice on how to raise the most money. 

  5. Now you are a part of Project Haiti’s team and have your own fundraising page. Next, you can complete the Hike for Haiti Challenge (200 flights of stairs, 20,000 steps, or 10.5 miles) as many times as you would like throughout the fundraiser (ends April 30th). You can also win prizes based on fitness and fundraising competitions. 


Donation Options: There are two different ways that you can donate to Laporte Primary School through Project Haiti Weston. You can either donate to team Project Haiti, or you can donate to a member of team Project Haiti by donating through their own fundraising page. Our goal is to raise another $5,000 for education and health care improvements for the students and families at Laporte Primary School!


More Information:

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