Project Haiti is fueled by a fundamental belief that there is always a path to a better and happier life, no matter the challenges. To make the biggest impacts in Haiti, and to allow us to aid in breaking the cycle of poverty, we focus on funding and supporting two key areas: Education and Healthcare. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and Healthcare enables children to grow and become students, and eventually, educated and determined adults.


Our goal is simple, to aid in the creation of a better environment for Haitian children, and to increase a feeling of hope within the Haitian youth.

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Laporte Primary School

Laporte Primary School began as a small community initiative in 1954, operating inside a chapel with about 20 students until 1976, when its current director, Wilner Buteau, took his first teaching job. After years as a third and fourth grade teacher, he became the director of the program and by 1987, sent a 6th-grade class to the national exam. Today, with the help of funding from Father Max, Laporte Primary School boasts over 5 classrooms and 320 students, ranging from K-6th grade. Students come on tap-tap or on foot for 2 hours in order to attend the school. 


On October of 2016, Laporte Primary School and surrounding communities sustained severe damage from Hurricane Matthew. Hope for Haiti was able to help restore the 5 classroom block that accommodates most of the classes. Through Director Wilner, Laporte Primary School has been able to bring talented, well-educated teachers to the classrooms.

With the help of Hope for Haiti, we've partnered with Laporte Primary School to raise money for a variety of causes, ranging from mobile clinics and water filtration units to teacher training and health care worker stipends. Help us reach our goal of $5,000 by donating or by spreading awareness. For more information, click here.

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